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After meeting with our church leadership on Monday evening, we are pressing forward with our plans to restart our church services here in the building on June 7th.  We want to be sure that we share and encourage all of our members to be aware of a few changes and a few practices we are going to put into place to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable as we gather together.  Please make note of these and feel free to share them with others. 


1.  First and foremost, as we restart, we want to urge anyone and everyone who has any concerns about the risks of gathering, to feel free to not gather with us on June 7th.  If you are in any group, older, younger, weaker immune system, that has been determined to be more susceptible to being sick, we encourage you to not gather with us.  We will continue to offer the online services even after we begin gathering again.  We ask that if you have any symptoms, if you do not feel well, or if you have been exposed to anyone who is or has been sick, please do not gather with us until you are certain you are not sick.  Every part of our building has been sanitized and cleaned.  Some parts are closed to keep us from having to reclean and re-sanitize them. 

  1. Our plan is to meet on June 7th at 10:30 am for worship.  We will have an outside service if weather permits.  If we meet outside, we will ask that everyone park in every other space in the rear parking lot.  Each family can place lawn chairs in the front of their vehicles if they want to sit outside of their car for the service.  We will have a stage and a sound system.  You can also listen to the service on your FM radio in your car.  If the weather is not favorable, we will meet inside in the sanctuary. 


  1. At all times, we are asking that everyone please be courteous, cautious and respectful of others around them.  We will have the seating in the sanctuary marked off to allow for safe distances between individuals and groups.  We are encouraging everyone to wear a mask but we are not requiring this.  Please, if you prefer to wear a mask, gloves or to use hand sanitizer, please bring these items with you from home.  If you bring them with you it will ensure that you have them close and can access them when you need them. We will have a limited amount of masks, hand sanitizer and gloves available as you enter. 

4. If we meet inside, we are going to ask that everyone enter through the main street doors.  We realize that most of our parking is in the rear, but we plan to ask folks to sit from front to back as they enter through the main street doors.  There will be seating available in the balcony, but again we will have some spacing requirements up there as well.  There will be an overflow room in the fellowship hall with a tv so that everyone in the overflow room will be able to see and hear the service. 

  1. We will not have any children’s activities, and there will not be any childcare available. 

  1. We will have some bathrooms open, those in the hall behind the sanctuary and those in the fellowship hall area.  We are asking that you limit the bathrooms to one person at a time please.   

  1. We are certain that we will learn how to do things better as we meet a few times.  Our goal is to meet to worship.  But, we want to do so with respect and caution.  Your decision to wear a mask and to maintain a safe distance is not simply for your sake, but for the sake of others.  My behavior is going to be based not on my personal preferences but on what is best for others as well.  I hope this will guide us as we gather. 

and, in the mean time, If you should have any prayer or ministry needs, 

please make us aware by emailing us at   

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