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First Baptist Church Walton, KY

47 South Main St. Walton, Kentucky 41094

Phone: 859-485-4191

      We all, whether we admit it or not, serve someone or something.  Some affection, some belief, something we value, or even maybe just holding ourselves in such esteem that we do everything to keep ourselves happy.  Whatever we value, that is what rules us, it is what we live for and what we serve.  

But, does that which we serve matter? Is it worth our lives, will it fill the void of eternal uncertainty in our souls? 

      As we enter the Easter season, please be reminded that this life is about more than we can see.  God, in His infinite love, wisdom, mercy and grace has determined to stand in our place of judgement in order that we might have the opportunity of knowing Him.  

      In Luke 24:5, two angels spoke to a group of women who had come to the tomb of the crucified Jesus, assuming that His body would still be there.  The angels asked the women, "Why do you seek the living One among the dead?"

     If we really want to serve the One who can forgive and give promise, purpose and hope to our existence, then seek the Living One among the living.  Come to Church.  

     At FBC Walton, we are not perfect, but we are alive in Christ.  And, our greatest joy is sharing with others how they, too, can know the Living One! 

The Disciples Life

Beginning March 10, 2019 at 6:30pm

"Follow Me" Taught by Chris Setters

"Ready to Launch" Taught by Brad & Katie Napier (Meeting in the Chapel)

"I Am a Church Member" Taught by Bro. David Wiggins

"A Daily Walk with the Lord" Taught by Russ Moore (Meeting in the Sanctuary

"Breakthrough Prayer" Taught by Lisa McNeese  (Fellowship Hall)

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