2021 Summer camp

Can you believe it?  We're already talking about Summer!

While we recognize summer is still months away, we have already started planning for the opportunity to participate in summer camp.  We are faithfully making plans to provide a safe and exciting camp experience.  To accomplish that we are once again partnering with CROSSINGS for our camp experience.


Health & Safety Plans

Parenting in a pandemic is hard!  Sometimes we wrestle with questions about our students, their safety, and their involvement in activities.  In order to help our families make informed decisions about camp, FBC Walton would like to direct you to Crossings' website.

Crossings has provided their "Health and Safety Plan."  You can see their Overview and Frequently Asked Questions at the following site:


More details are provided here too:


If you have additional questions specifically for the camp, you may direct your inquiries by calling Crossings at (502) 491-7000 or via email at info@gocrossings.org.

Crossings - Parent Health and Safety

Please check out the video that Crossings has shared with the churches attending this summer.  In this video, they provide some additional details regarding their Health and Safety Plan.


2021 Summer Camp DATES


(completed 6th-12th grade)

Tuesday 06/22/2021 - Saturday 06/26/2021

Cost is $311 per camper.


(completed 3rd - 5th grade)

Tuesday 07/20/2021 - Friday 07/23/2021

Cost is $301 per camper.

Important Dates

The FBC Walton Camp Registration form is due by FEBRUARY 28TH, 2021.

The $75.00 non-refundable deposit is due MARCH 14TH, 2021.*

Student Campers remaining balance is due JUNE 6TH, 2021. 

Kids Campers remaining balance is due JULY 4TH, 2021.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Pastor Brad at bradley_napier@hotmail.com.

*See Crossings Health and Safety Plan for details regarding Covid-related cancellations.