Bible Fellowship Groups

The Bible Fellowship Groups have historically been called Sunday School or Small Groups.  As part of our "fresh start" we have felt the need to rebrand this ministry.  The past year has made us aware that living in community is critical to the faith of a believer.  We desire our Bible Fellowship Groups to be a place to belong, to be discipled in Biblical truths and knowledge, and to share our lives as we also build each other up and reach out to our community.  We also realize that these groups can gather any time of the week and anywhere.  It could be in a room at the church building, at someone's house, and even over a scheduled video meeting.

We are convinced that it is God's plan for the church to be a foretaste of heaven.  We are to enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit and to enjoy working in unity and harmony to bring glory to God.  It is our hope that you will join us in this study over the next forty days as we learn how we can be better together.  Each week the video clips, listening guides, and challenges will be made available here on the website and will be shared via a church-wide emails.  Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00pm via our Services page as we go through the discussion questions and challenges together.  We hope you join us, through our Bible Fellowship Groups, as we begin to reach out family, friends, and community for Christ.



Please use the below links to access and participate in Session  of our 40 Days of Community study:

Session 6 Listening Guide - link coming soon

          Session 6 Video          

How to get plugged in

We offer both in-person and virtual options.  

In-person groups meet on Sundays from 9:15-10:15am.

Please contact the church if you would like to learn how you can get plugged in.