Who Are the Kentucky Changers? 

Kentucky Changers was formed in 1994 to provide quality home repair and maintenance services to the needy as an expression of Christian service. Students, chaperones, adult crew leaders and others supporters pay for the privilege to sleep on the floors of gymnasiums and classrooms during the summer after days of hard, hot work including roofing, painting, and other maintenance/repair tasks.  All work is supervised by skilled carpenters and builders.  Local Kentucky Baptists welcome Changers to their churches, provide meals and other support during the week.  Every evening Changers gather for worship and Bible study led by a Kentucky Baptist pastor or youth pastor.  


There will be approximately 250 youth and adults who will come to work in our area.  Our church, FBCW, will be a host church - we will welcome and host one of the youth groups who come to work in our area.  We need to support this mission and outreach

effort in several ways.  

1. We need a few folks who are willing to commit to take snacks, refreshments and lunch to the worksite of our group each day.  The meals, etc. will be prepared in a central location and we will deliver them to the jobsite.  This is a weeklong commitment.  

2. We need Runners.  Runners need to be able bodied individuals who can lift and have access to a pick-up truck.  Runners will be assigned several groups at several worksites and will be charged with picking up building materials, etc. from a central supplier

and delivering them to the jobsite.  

3. We will need folks to help provide a meal on Wednesday night, June 20th, for the group we are hosting.  This group will be with us for worship services on Sunday and again on Wednesday night.

4. We need Construction Supervisors.  These individuals need construction experience and the willingness to work with a group for the entire week on a specific project.  This individual may need to provide some tools (if they are available, this is not a requirement) as well if the job requires tools that the group did not bring.  

5. We need prospective jobs for our work groups.  If you, or anyone you know, needs some type of work done on their home or around their home, please fill out an application. All work and supplies are done at no cost to the home owner.  

6. Our Church, as well as all the churches in the NKBA, are being asked to support this effort financially, prayerfully and physically.  This is a cooperative effort that requires our total support.  Each project may cost as much as $1500. The NKBA is going to cover all of the expenses of this outreach in our area.  Our gifts to support this effort are very important.  

If you have questions, email us at or Northern Kentucky Baptist Association @ 859-727-6522