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Welcome to the First Baptist Church Worship and Music Ministry web page! We hope you will discover at First Baptist Church that our goal is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, and to bring glory and honor to His name. Worship is more than just singing songs in a service – it is a way for us as God's children to honor Him for who He is. Furthermore, worship is our responsibility and privilege as believers in Jesus Christ. We invite you to learn more about the Music and Worship Ministry, and join us in worship as we fulfill one of God's purposes for our lives.

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           All Choirs meet Sunday @ 5:00pm

A word from Rev. Chris Setters

In the Bible, when you read the word "worship" it is describing an act of bowing, showing reverence or humbling oneself. Worship is not a spectator sport. If a person is really going to worship, then there must be participation both physically and spiritually. Our worship services are not meant to impress, entertain or to do worship for you. The music, prayers, the preaching and everything else that we do is planned and prayed over with the hopes that it will encourage the willing heart to worship.

Often we become fixed on "styles" of worship. When we speak of "styles" we are speaking most often of the music.

First, worship is more than music. We worship God through our work, our home life, our dealings with others and hopefully when we are together as the body of Christ on Sundays. At FBC Walton we are convinced that God enjoys music that honors Him. God has blessed us with many servant hearted and gifted singers and musicians. On any given Sunday our promise is that we are going to sing songs that honor God, that encourage all to participate and that are done well. God deserves our best.

Our English word "worship" comes from an old English word that is actually worth-ship. Worship is our opportunity to tell the world and declare again that God is worthy. Giving of ourselves and making that effort to worship are demonstrations of our conviction that God is worth the effort. Come join us as we seek to worship that living God. And, come prepared to participate because worship is not for spectators.