Sunday am - Sunday School

9:45 - 10:45 am

Our students gather each Sunday morning at 9:45 am in "The Well" to engage in Bible Study, share our lives, and grow in our faith.  "The Well" is named after the encounter of the Samaritan Woman and Jesus described in John 4.  In this passage, Jesus breaks all societal norms in conversing with this Samaritan Woman with a jaded background about her need for Living Water (eternal life).  Through this encounter, the woman and her community are changed. This is a reminder that Jesus meets us where we are and that He still changes lives today.

6th grade

Mr. TRacy Adamson

Mrs. Michelle Adamson

Sixth grade can be a challenging transitional year for many students.  Our class is designed to be encouraging for our students as they learn to stand firm in their faith as they walk through the adventure of middle school. 

7th & 8th grade

Pastor Brad Napier

Mrs. Katie Napier

The Seventh and Eighth Grade class is where our students continue to learn how  to put their faith in action.  The class strives to move from just Bible knowledge and instead become "not just hearers but doers of the Word."

9th - 12th Grade

Mr. Mac McFarland

Mr. Jacob fish

The High School class allows our students to navigate deeper into their faith as they face different challenges.  We strive to help our students strengthen their faith and have a strong witness as they prepare for their next step in life whether it be college or the workforce.